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Jul 16

Smoothbook will be free again!

Well it is in the nature of small startups to make dramatic changes of course (to be ‘agile’ and ‘pivot’ in startup speak) and so that is what is happening at Smoothbook. From Thursday 16th July Smoothbook will be free without limit (fair use applies: if you plan on taking more than 5,000 appointments in

Jul 4

Smoothbook will no longer be completely free and a hopeful Covid update

In the early days of the Covid lockdown it was genuinely shocking (but not altogether surprising) to see the number of appointments made on Smoothbook drop off about 90% in a matter of days – mainly the result of closed gyms, yoga and pilates studios. We all know the uncertainty, stress and fear of those

May 30

Manage your Zoom online classes with smoothbook

Zoom for online classes I’m delighted to announce that Smoothbook has been approved for addition to the Zoom app marketplace: Zoom is now integrated into Smoothbook meaning that your classes (‘meetings’ in Zoom speak) are automatically created in your Zoom account the first time a student books. You no longer need to manually send

Apr 8
Online appointment booking

Updates to the dashboard with better support for online classes

Smoothbook is here to help schedule and manage all of your classes, and that includes classes that many users are now offering online – in particular yoga, pilates and fitness instructors. From the feedback that I’ve received from Smoothbook users, the process of managing your online classes is much the same as before: your students

Nov 22

Gift certificates: allowing people to gift classes to others for Christmas

Hi Smoothbook user, It’s hard to believe that Christmas is almost upon us againĀ ?! A couple of users have asked if Smoothbook supports gift certificates: the idea being that someone could purchase a given number of yoga classes (for example) from you as a gift for someone else. The answer is yes! Simply: You create

Aug 25

Waitlists and payment updates: Smoothbook now supports SCA (Strong Customer Authentication)

Welcome to another update on developments at Smoothbook! Among the usual small changes and updates there are two main ones: Smoothbook now (optionally) has waitlists for all services and, importantly, in compliance with upcoming European PSD2 regulation, Smoothbook now supports Secure Customer Authentication (SCA or sometimes called ‘3D authentication’) on all payments through Stripe (stripe.comĀ is

Aug 11

The booking calendar is now customisable and other updates

Hi Smoothbook users: I hope you’re enjoying the summer and business is going well for you, this is just a quick update on the latest developments at Smoothbook after another busy month. Booking Calendar General Updates Your booking calendar is an extension of your organisation and brand to your customers – it’s essential that the

Jul 14
Smoothbook - class management, booking and scheduling system

Updates and news for Smoothbook, July 2019

Dear Smoothbook user: Thanks so much for reading this blog post, I just wanted to quickly share some of the updates that are in the pipeline for Smoothbook. You may know me via email and phone: my name is James and I’m the founder of Smoothbook. The short message is that this is a busy