Yoga studio scheduling software

Whether your passion is bikram yoga, ashtanga yoga, hatha or iyengar, Smoothbook yoga class booking system gives you the ability to work on the things that really matter: your passion and your students whilst leaving the yoga class online appointment scheduling and management to us.

Smoothbook - yoga studio management software softwareA Yoga Online Booking System designed specifically for you and your students

Smoothbook is yoga class management software that has been built from the beginning based on the feedback of yoga teachers from all over the world: there are hundreds of yoga teachers who use Smoothbook every day. Your students will love the ability to view availability and schedule their Vinyasa yoga classes online themselves – at any time of day; you can enjoy the extra time that Smoothbook will save you and get on with the things you. And there are many other features to help you connect with your students and grow your business.

Smoothbook is built specifically for classes: for example your students can book multiple Asana classes with you at the same time instead of completing the booking process for one appointment and repeating for every other time they’d like to book (not many other systems support this).

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Connect and Communicate with your students via newsletter and Social Media

Smoothbook is so much more than just a yoga studio booking system: we understand the need to connect and communicate with your students – and you can do this in many ways using the system. Smoothbook is built for classes and you can message them directly at any time: important when you need to give instructions before your class, etc.

You can integrate with Mailchimp, so that your students can automatically register for your newsletter; you can add your social media links to the booking calendar and confirmation emails.

Offer your yoga classes and webinars online with Zoom

Smoothbook is a verified Zoom partner  meaning the system was rigorously tested before being accepted by Zoom. Smoothbook works seamlessly with Zoom: simply connect your Zoom account to Smoothbook and specify which yoga classes you’d like to make available online. You and your students will receive joining links in your confirmation emails and you can retrieve the joining links through Smoothbook as well.

Yoga Studio Management SoftwareSmoothbook Yoga Scheduling Software is free and accessible: supporting our users

We wanted to be different at Smoothbook. In a sea of complicated and expensive class management systems it’s very important to us that Smoothbook supplies online yoga studio software that is accessible to everyone: regardless of  their budget or where they come from in the world; regardless of whether their organisation is an established studio with twenty instructors or a newly qualified instructor who is just finding their way on a limited budget.

We’ve witnessed first hand the collapse of bookings for yoga and fitness studios as a result of Covid-19 (and been inspired by the fighting spirit of people who keep moving on under ridiculously difficult circumstances). We want to support people at this very difficult time.

And we wanted our offer to be ridiculously simple: the system is unlimited and completely free: Smoothbook is supported by carefully placed advertising on the booking calendar which you can remove for just US $9.99 / month.

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Easy for you to set up and use, lots of help, support and community

We wanted to create a yoga booking system that enabled you to set up your own, fully functional calendar within five minutes of registering (and we believe we’ve done it!) From there you can add and configure all of the additional features that you and your students will love. There is lots of support for you as you get started: from our online help, email and phone contacts to our friendly online community forums. 

Your brand, your studio, your yoga booking software

Smoothbook is hugely customisable: add your logo to the booking calendar and match the colours to your brand and website; customise all of the emails to your students; even change any of the wording as you like.

Grow your business with taster classes, class passes, memberships and gift certificates

You can greatly simplify your yoga business as well as attract and retain customers by allowing your students to pay for their classes when they book. Smoothbook has a very advanced payments system: you can offer introductory classes, class passes, memberships, gift certificates, etc.

Supporting your Yoga business – whether large or small

We work with large yoga studios that employ 20 instructors or more, we work with independent yoga instructors who are part time. Some businesses using Smoothbook take thousands of appointments / week.

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Waitlists are important! Yes we have waitlists!

Integrated support for your workshops and events

Workshops are very popular in the yoga world and you can offer them easily with Smoothbook, including whether you’d like people to book the whole workshop or individual appointments when they reserve.

You know the benefits of asanas, pranayama, Dharana and kundalini; we know the benefits that a yoga online booking system can bring to your business.