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Smoothbook is a dynamic, very popular and fast growing product in an extremely large market, there are many opportunities to collaborate and we welcome all enquiries.

Integrations and Developers

Do you have an application or platform that would benefit from an integrated, advanced (and probably white-labeled) backend appointment system?

Smoothbook has an oAuth authenticated, JWT token based RESTful API, the details of which are available on Apiary  . This means that you could supply as much or as little of your own client as you like and hook into the Smoothbook API for the complicated backend processing. Smoothbook is fast, mature, reliable and manages thousands of appointments per day; the system can scale basically without limit. If you have a great client facing app and you’re looking for a comprehensive and reliable backend to do the heavy lifting on class and appointment scheduling let us know!

Some possible use cases:

  • You represent a school, club, corporation or larger operation with many activities and facilities: art classes, tennis courts, tutoring sessions, etc. You’d like a system: seamless (e.g. with SSO), fully integrated for the needs of your organisation.
  • You run a no-code platform building applications for users who naturally need a booking system (hair salons, gyms, doctors, masseuses, chiropractors, etc., there are many).
  • You’re a developer who has been tasked with integrating a booking system into a larger project

If your mission is not too far from our own, it’s possible we may be able to do some custom work to meet your requirements.

This is not a public api: please contact [email protected] for more information.


Smoothbook is growing rapidly (even / especially in the Covid era) by providing a user-friendly, fully featured, affordable class management system in a market dominated by complex and expensive alternatives. The market in yoga / fitness studio management software alone is demonstrably bigger than USD $200 million per year (see Nasdaq listed financials) with a barrier to entry due to the technical complexities of scheduling and managing classes (and not just appointments). Smoothbook is currently completely bootstrapped; under the right conditions we’d love to take this to the next level with an equity based partner. Talk to us!