Extremely flexible

Smoothbook manages thousands of appointments per day for numerous businesses and organisations around the world, ranging from Doctors and consultants to online language instructors, pilates teachers and salon owners.

There are very few appointment booking scenarios which the system cannot handle.

Perfect for events, classes and workshops

Smoothbook is extremely popular for managing classes – in particular for yoga and fitness studio classes. Early in the life of the system we were contacted by several studio owners about modifying the product to their needs – and we have worked towards making Smoothbook effective, efficient and useful for managing classes ever since.

Mobile friendly

Well over half of the appointments we manage are now made via mobile device – it is essential that your booking system is mobile friendly!

Seamless, flexible payment and deposit taking

Smoothbook makes it extremely easy for you to offer different payment options to your users (or none at all) when they book.

You can charge the full amount for an appointment or you can sell a ’package’ of appointments at reduced cost and the system will track your users’ credits as they use them. You can offer gift certificates and discount coupons.

Mailchimp and Facebook integration, numerous other features and options

It is one of our design principles that you should have your own, professional booking calendar up and running within five minutes of registering on the system (try it and see!).

But the system has numerous other options and features so that you can make it your own.

– Add customers seamlessly to Mailchimp newsletter lists when they book
– Create custom forms for when your customers book
– Create custom appointment confirmation, reminder and follow up emails
– Customise the appearance of the booking calendar, labels, headings, etc.

And numerous other features!

Enterprise ready

Smoothbook is in use by many individual operators, but is also used daily by larger organisations. The system features user management: you can add other users with specified access and rights to your organisation which allows them to manage their own appointments and schedules.

Smoothbook has detailed logs and transaction reporting.