Gift certificates: allowing people to gift classes to others for Christmas

Nov 22

Gift certificates: allowing people to gift classes to others for Christmas

Hi Smoothbook user,

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is almost upon us again ?!

A couple of users have asked if Smoothbook supports gift certificates: the idea being that someone could purchase a given number of yoga classes (for example) from you as a gift for someone else. The answer is yes!


  1. You create a package of appointments that you would like your customers to be able to gift to someone else.
  2. The package would probably be free / have no cost: that way the person who receives the gift is not paying for the classes or appointments.
  3. You create ‘coupon codes’ for the package: codes (e.g. ‘HTYUPG’) that the customer must enter in order to receive the free package.
  4. You sell the code to the person who wishes to send the gift and send it to them by email / other method.
  5. Christmas day: the person you sold the code to presents it as a gift to someone else.
  6. The person who receives the code can use it to book classes with you.

Hopefully that makes sense!

There is more documentation concerning coupon codes here: 

As ever I hope that Smoothbook is helping you with your business and users; there are a number of new features arriving soon including, notably, the ability to offer memberships / subscriptions.

Wishing you patience, calm and happiness in the next month!


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