Manage your Zoom online classes with smoothbook

May 30, 2020

Zoom for online classes

I’m delighted to announce that Smoothbook has been approved for addition to the Zoom app marketplace:

Zoom for online classes Zoom is now integrated into Smoothbook meaning that your classes (‘meetings’ in Zoom speak) are automatically created in your Zoom account the first time a student books. You no longer need to manually send joining links to your students: these are sent in the confirmation email (and are available to your students in their booking calendar). Starting your meeting is easier than ever: the ‘start meeting’ link is included in the confirmation email to you and you can also start your meeting directly from the dashboard, simply click on the ‘start zoom meeting’ button for the class.

Use Smoothbook as your online gym booking software or yoga booking software – now completely online and integrated with Zoom.

You can read about how to integrate Zoom with your Smoothbook class management system here:

Zoom are rigorous in their approval process, it is rewarding to get to this point. I’m very happy to be able to offer this improvement to help you manage your online classes.

All the best, James

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