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Yoga class scheduling and management

Welcome! My name is James Drummond and I’m the founder & developer of Smoothbook yoga booking software. A few years ago I was contacted by several yoga teachers in London and Bristol looking for a yoga class booking system that a) met their specific needs and b) was not expensive – particularly for new and independent instructors.

The result is that today, based on the feedback of people like you, yoga teachers make up by far the biggest segment of Smoothbook users: we manage thousands of appointments for yoga studios every day. Yoga studio scheduling software is at the heart of Smoothbook, it is critically important to me that your yoga class booking system delights you and your students.

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There is so much more to Smoothbook than just being a yoga class booking system: many features have been developed specifically to help you create and maintain relationships with your students, market your business, manage your payments and generally give you more time to do what you really want to do: help your students with their practice and well-being.

A Yoga Class Booking System Built For You and Your Students

If you’ve researched other yoga class booking systems you have probably found that they may be generic appointment systems – they are not aimed specifically at yoga classes and lack many features specific to your needs. Or, they have every feature under the sun and are very expensive. This is the niche that we aim to fill at Smoothbook: a simple to use, fully featured system built specifically for your yoga class scheduling needs at an affordable price.

The principle of the system is to keep it simple: most people can create their class schedule and booking calendar within five minutes of registering. From there it is easy to add in numerous features: newsletter sign-ups, custom branding, sign up forms, online payments, social media integration, etc.

Exceptionally easy yoga class booking – especially on mobile devices

Your students can book more than one appointment at a time with Smoothbook which is something that many other systems don’t support (you should check on that if you’re looking at other class bookings systems). Generally your students don’t want to book one class, confirm, pay, receive confirmation emails, etc. and then repeat the process for each of the three weekly classes they want to book. Smoothbook yoga studio software manages this seamlessly: your students can book the next three weeks, confirm and pay for all their appointments in one go, receiving one email summarising their appointments and payment summary. They can manage their own appointments (with your permission), see transactions and package balances, and they can do it all on their mobile phone (well over 50% of the appointments we manage are made via mobile or tablet).

Taster classes, class passes, discount codes, gift certificates and memberships

It’s extremely convenient to take payment for your yoga classes via Smoothbook and you can offer as many payment options as you like with Smoothbook yoga booking system. A great way to market your business (and great for your students) are class passes: 10 classes for the price of 8 for example. So your student buys a 10 class pass and Smoothbook deducts credits as your student uses them (and refunds credits when a class is cancelled). You can offer memberships: a recurring payment that entitles your student to some or all of your services (or recurring class passes). And you can offer introductory offers, sell gift certificates and taster / introductory classes.

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Connect with your students: Seamless Newsletter and Social Media Integration

Yoga is about community and connection; today that is all about communication and social media. With Smoothbook yoga studio booking system, you can automatically sign your students up to a Mailchimp newsletter group of your choice; you can insert your facebook / instagram / twitter / youtube / linkedin social media links into confirmation emails and have your students book your classes directly from your Facebook page.


Yes we have waitlists – so that your students can put themselves on a waitlist for an over-subscribed class and be notified when a space comes free. This is a very popular feature!

And much more…

Customise the booking calendar specifically for your brand; customise registration / booking forms; customise confirmation and reminder emails; integrate with Google calendar, etc.

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