The booking calendar is now customisable and other updates

August 11, 2019

Hi Smoothbook users:

I hope you’re enjoying the summer and business is going well for you, this is just a quick update on the latest developments at Smoothbook after another busy month.

Booking Calendar General Updates

Your booking calendar is an extension of your organisation and brand to your customers – it’s essential that the experience of your customers with the booking calendar is a good one and represents you well.

There have been significant updates to the booking calendar. Mainly these revolve around a general tidy up and update. The changes should not significantly noticeable to you and your users – generally the styling and user experience have been updated but purposely kept the same. We did not want to arbitrarily implement large scale change to your booking calendar but some changes you might notice:

  • The general feel of the calendar should be cleaner than before
  • Service and resource descriptions are in a modal / popup as opposed to a tooltip.
  • The character limit on service and resource descriptions has been raised to 400 characters from 200 characters.

Booking Calendar Customisation

It’s now possible to customise all of the colours on your calendar and add your company logo if that is what you would like to do. So the booking calendar will be a seamless extension of your website and brand.

You can choose colours for the major components of the calendar based on a selection of themes or you can customise the colours as you like.

The settings for this can be found if you select ‘settings’ -> ‘calendar settings’ from the main menu and scroll towards the bottom of the page.

There is a help article explaining these new features at:

As always, I hope you have great success with the system and your business, please let me know if you have any issues or comments at all.

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