Top 5 yoga poses for beginners

January 18, 2021

Yoga can be an amazing, mesmerizing experience. It originates from ancient India, there is a reason why it is still relevant after all these centuries. Yoga is a group of exercises designed to train your mind, body, and soul. It combines movement, meditation, and breathing exercises for maximum effect. 


Even though it might be tough at the start, yoga provides countless amazing benefits. It can strengthen your muscles and enhance your flexibility to a point where you thought it was impossible. It helps our heart function better, and it also corrects our breathing. Some people that have addictions tend to do yoga which then, in turn, helps them get rid of said addiction. Yoga also improves our sleep quality, making us feel refreshed and energized every morning. Possibly most importantly in today’s world, yoga helps reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. It is an overall great experience that boosts our quality of life and enhances our well-being. These are the reasons we have decided to help you out and name the 5 best yoga poses for beginners and show you that anyone can get into yoga.

Girl in yoga pose

Downward-facing dog

We’ve all heard of this one at one point or another. You start by being on your knees, the knees should be beneath your hips. Hands should be positioned below your shoulders. Spread your hands wider and start lifting your tailbone. Once you’re fully extended, try straightening your legs as much as possible while pressing your heels to the floor. Your head should be between your arms, and the back should be straight. Once you’ve achieved this position, hold for 5 breaths. Holding gets longer the more you workout, as your body will be able to withstand more.

Mountain pose

Stand with your toes touching, but leave the heels slightly apart. Press your feet into the floor so that your weight is distributed evenly, and take a deep breath. Relax your shoulders and roll them up and back. Inhale and reach for the sky with your arms. There are variations as for hand positions here, you can do whichever one you feel most comfortable with, be it reaching with your hands upwards, having them in the prayer position, or leaving them down while rolling your shoulders. Hold for 3 breaths and repeat. 

Child’s pose

While in downward-facing dog, take a deep breath, and on the exhale, slowly drop your knees to the floor, pull your hips back towards your feet, and rest your forehead on the mat. Breathe and relax for as long as you need to. A child’s pose is a great way to relax for a moment, before carrying on to more demanding exercises.

Crescent lunge

Another easily recognizable one, the crescent lunge looks easy but it can be demanding at first. Plant your left foot into the floor and take a big step forwards with your right one. Bend your front knee while keeping the other one straight. Your back leg should be on your toes here. Extend your arms above your head, pointing to the ceiling. Hold for 5 breaths after which you repeat, but the other way around, making your left leg the forward one.

Warrior II

Plant one foot and take a big step forward with the other one. Extend your arms away from your body so that they’re parallel to the floor and ceiling. Bend your forward knee at a 90-degree angle and make sure the thighs are parallel to the hands. The back leg should remain straight throughout. Rotate your back foot outwards so it is perpendicular to the left. Twist your torso so it’s in line with the front leg. Hold for 5 breaths and repeat.

It can be hard to try something new so let us help you, get started for free and you’ll be amazing and will feel great in no time!

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