LesMills Bodypump – What, How, Where

February 15, 2021

What is LesMills Bodypump?

LesMills Bodypump is a set of exercises performed using a barbell. The exercises are designed so that, in the long run, you are slimmer, tighter, and in good, fit shape. Bodypump is actually using light weights, but with more repetitions. That way the muscles work more and better than they would work with heavyweights, and with less repetition.

During about an hour of exercising this way, you will lose over 400 calories. During such exercise, you build muscle, and it is muscle building that will cause your body to lose more and more calories. The reason for this is the fact that larger muscles raise metabolism. The recipe is simple, but the job is hard.

“The music is always great and we work to the beat doing lots of reps. You can expect to burn some serious calories. ” Kylie Gates, Les Mills Creative Director.

Perform body pump exercises up to three times a week. If you exceed the three times a week rule, you could get hurt. In addition to performing these exercises, do not forget about other exercises. Insert cardio to relax your body from all the weights. Listen to your body, it will tell you when it is enough.

LesMills workout

How to perform LesMills Bodypump exercises?

LesMills Bodypump exercises are performed using a barbell. It is very important to emphasize that these exercises are performed because of the number of repetitions, not because of the weight you carry. If you are a beginner, feel free to take smaller weights and continue with them. The goal of this exercise is to test the limits, to do more repetitions than you would otherwise. As your strength increases, you will introduce more weight.

The question is often asked, “How strongly do I need to be to practice LesMills Bodypump exercises?” And the answer is simple. When you start with an exercise, start only with a barbell, do not add weights. If after a couple of repetitions you see that it is really easy for you, put on one smaller weight. And so on, if you see that initial, smaller weight is too weak, put more. If you don’t know your strength, this is the best way to check. Or you can always ask for help.

Where to perform LesMills Bodypump exercises?

Since this is an exercise technique you must see and try, it would be best to do the first couple of workouts in the gym. LesMills Bodypump also has its own classes where you can learn and ask whatever interests you. Through Smoothbook you can make an appointment at the gym of your choice, and you can do it today. 400 calories per hour really don’t sound that bad.

In gyms that have LesMills Bodypump classes, you can find Les Mills SMARTBAR, the ideal weight bar for these exercises. It is designed to increase your muscle activation, which will ultimately bring you much more results.

Prepare light and stretchy clothes, a towel, and a bottle of water. You will need it!

LesMills Bodypump Tips&Tricks for beginners

  • Don’t overdo it with weights! If you take too heavyweights, you could get hurt.
  • Learn the technique before performing on your own.
  • The best recipe for finding out if your weights are too light or too heavy à After each workout, ask yourself the following question: “Could I do another set?”. If your answer is no, it means that the weights are heavy enough. If your answer is yes, feel free to increase your weight because you are stronger than you think.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. Each person is different in their own way. If you can’t find your ideal weight, ask your trainer for help.
  • Can pregnant women exercise? YES. Many pregnant women exercise LesMills Bodypump. But tell your trainer that you are pregnant so he can adjust the exercises.

This all sounds good, but you still don’t know where you could exercise? Smoothbook will struggle to find it for you. A couple of clicks to a perfect body!

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