How to start weight training

May 3, 2021

Introducing weights into training can often be quite confusing, When, how much, how, why. These are all questions that go through our heads when we first introduce weights into training. Here you will be able to read some information that will make this transition a little more bearable. Plus, at least you’ll know what you’re doing.

It is well known that weight training allows you to grow muscle mass. Weight training is often done in groups, or by body zones, which is great. Focusing the workout on one part of the body will result in effective and rapid muscle growth.

Exercising with weights will also slow down aging. Weight training stimulates the recovery of smooth muscle mass and rejuvenates them. Young muscles = young spirit!

What are the reasons for introducing weights into training?

  1. Weight training will increase metabolism. Stronger muscles require more energy, which means your body will put in extra effort and burn more calories, even when nothing is working. Fast metabolism = burning more calories.
  2. Better posture is one of the consequences of weight training. Tight muscles will hold your body easier. That is, it will keep you in balance and give strength and support to your bones and spine.
  3. Of course, you will be stronger. You will have a lot more power for everyday activities, whether it is small things or larger activities.
  4. Motivation for training will increase so much! Why? Weights will speed up the muscle growth process and they will grow faster than ever! When you see that, there’s no way you’re going to give up on your next workout.
  5. Working with weights will strengthen your tendons and ligaments, which reduces the possibility of injury while exercising. Tendons and ligaments connect muscles and bones, which directly confirms the theory of injury reduction.
  6. Your health picture could improve a lot because of weight. In addition to reducing the possibility of injury during training, weights will also reduce the possibility of performing daily activities.
  7. You finally know what your body can really do! Weights test limits and you move them.

You can start training with weights today, and all you need is a gym! Make an appointment at the gym for free from the comfort of your own home. Finish the episode on Netflix and run to the gym!


How to introduce weight in daily training?

Now that you know what all the positive reasons are for introducing weights, it’s time to find out how to do it.

  1. The definition of weight training is the use of the weight with which you will challenge your muscles. It can be just your body, to begin with. Use the devices on which you lift your weight, test if that weight suits you, and if not, reduce it.
  2. What is very important before the introduction of training – proper performance of exercises. It would be best to consult with a trainer when learning new exercises. The trainer will see if you are doing the exercise correctly and guide you if not.
  3. Before you start exercising with weights, it is very important to warm up your muscles. Don’t forget this step, otherwise, there could be more serious bone or muscle injuries.
  4. Be consistent. Make a workout schedule and stick to it. The amount of your training would be best agreed with the coach, so as not to lead to exhaustion and excessive fatigue.
  5. Choose the 2 or 3 exercises that work best for you. When you are just starting out, it would be best to repeat these exercises to build strength. Later you slowly move on to other exercises, more repetitions, etc.
  6. Be sure to stretch after your workout! Stretching is important for muscle relaxation. This will help alleviate any muscle inflammation.
  7. Rest when your body needs it. Don’t push, big things don’t come overnight.


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