How often should I practice Yoga weekly?

July 12, 2021

 First of all, what are the benefits of yoga?

Yoga is one of those activities that are spread all over the world. Like football, basketball, or handball, yoga has its place. The positive things that happen when we start practicing yoga are fantastic, and as much as it affects our physical fitness, it also affects our psyche.

First and foremost, yoga reduces stress. Yoga reduces the negative effects of stress on your body because it reduces the secretion of cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone. Practicing yoga will lower your blood pressure, you will have better digestion, but also stronger immunity. We all know that exercise raises immunity, yoga is also one of those activities.

Second, practicing yoga reduces pain. Scientific research has shown that people suffering from cancer, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and other chronic pain will feel less pain.

Third, you will be more flexible. Yoga improves the vitality, elasticity, and mobility of the joints. It will increase the range of motion of your body, and you will be less stiff.

Fourth, you will be stronger and you will breathe better. Yoga teaches us deeper and slower breathing. This will improve your lung function. By practicing yoga you will relax all the muscles in your body.

Fifth, it makes us happier. When we practice yoga, we come to a state of deep relaxation. If you practice yoga in the morning, you will be in a good mood all day.

We could go on like this indefinitely, but now that you know what yoga gives you, the question is how often should you practice it weekly?

yoga pose

How many times a week should we do yoga?

Let’s go back to the original question. Is there any line between too much and too little yoga? It depends on what stage you are in with your yoga practice.

There’s really no right answer, everyone will train as much as they want, as much as they think they can. However, there are some guidelines that would be good to follow. Each person has different goals. Every person wants something different from yoga, some other benefit.

If you are a beginner in yoga, you should bother less with the results of yoga, and more with creating a habit. Yoga won’t give any quick results to anyone anyway, but it’s worth noting. If you are a beginner in yoga, do yoga when you can, when it fits your calendar. It would be best about two to three times a week. Let each session last you up to an hour and a half, but don’t worry if you can’t do everything right away.

If you practice yoga for a long time, then it is quite natural to practice it when you want. Don’t overdo it and practice if something hurts you, but by now you’ve certainly already found your rhythm.

If you don’t have time for yoga in the full sense of the word, set aside 15 minutes a day for a short Sun Salutation. This exercise will help you to tone and detoxify your whole body.

There is no wrong answer when asked how many times a week to practice yoga. Each person knows individually how much energy he has, how much he can, and how much he wants. Never force yourself to do something you don’t enjoy, but be disciplined.

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