History of Yoga

July 9, 2021

 Yoga is one of the most practiced disciplines in the world. We’ve all heard of yoga, we’ve all practiced it at least once. It marks mental, physical, and spiritual practice. A wide range of schools uses yoga; Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Islamic orders. The story of yoga goes back years and years before.

Yoga will have a beneficial effect on your body and your mind. It has the ability to reduce stress levels, resulting in a good mood. In addition to the psychological positive consequences, there are also physical ones. It will increase your flexibility, reduce blood pressure, increase lung capacity, but also sexual function. Through practicing yoga, you will also reduce neck and back pain.

Yoga is, of course, much more than physical movement. Yoga consists of a series of poses, meditations, breathing controls, and other techniques to help people trying to build. It is precisely because of these features that yoga has been included in the UNESCO list of intangible world heritage in Asia and Oceania.

Although associated with religious orders, yoga originated in Indian cultures. It has been transmitted for years through letters, word of mouth, dance, or song. Yoga can be translated as “coupling” or “clamp”.


The Vedas are spiritual scriptures and signify God’s instructions to people. Translated, “Vedas” means knowledge. The Vedas mention knowledge of philosophy, religion, sociology, anthropology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, … There we will also find instructions for a better life in the material world. Vedic knowledge is always passed on to someone else by word of mouth, but the experience must exist in the person transmitting it. The division of the Vedas is quite extensive, but some of the divisions are Yajur (rituals, ceremonies), Aranyaka, Brahmanas …

And the main Vedic division of yoga is into four traditions. As people are different, so is yoga, that is, there are many types and schools of yoga. The four yogas we can distinguish, according to the Vedas, are:

  1. Karma Yoga
  2. Jnana Yoga
  3. Raja Yoga
  4. Bhakti Yoga

It is in this order that a person will progress on the path of yoga, but last, Bhakti yoga is the most sublime.

yoga pose

Yoga – description, and tradition

  1. Karma yoga – Karma means action, and karma yoga deals with the law where every action has an appropriate reaction or consequence. This yoga encourages action and service to others without expecting anything in return. By practicing this yoga people have cleansed their ego and have progressed spiritually. In yoga schools, every beginner gets jobs like janitors and the like, and they progress over time.
  2. Jnana yoga – Yoga of wisdom and knowledge. In the second step of the path to Bhakti yoga, we learn how to distinguish java from illusion. He learns to distinguish truth from falsehood.
  3. Raja yoga – Mind control yoga. Through this yoga, you will learn self-control, how to master the mind and body. This yoga consists of 8 levels and will prepare us for more yoga practices. Apart from higher yoga practices, the last three levels of Raja yoga (Ashtanga yoga) are the most difficult. Through practicing this yoga you will get the skills you need for the last three levels of ashtanga yoga.
  4. Bhakti yoga – Last yoga; yoga of love, worship, and devotion. Bhakti yoga is considered the highest form of yoga. The goal is to get to this last one through the previous 3 yogas. Bhakti has 9 guidelines by which to practice. Practicing includes mantras and singing that purifies us. The word Bhakti is derived from the word bhaj, which means “to be a servant.”

You can book your appointment today, a few clicks and there you are! Give yoga a chance if you haven’t already, you might be surprised.

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