Get into the routine!

June 7, 2021

We would all love to look like a model. Autumn is passing, winter too, you need to go back to shorts and T-shirts, and you don’t like what you see in the mirror? Yes, you are not the only one. Gaining weight over the winter comes unnoticed, and we don’t do anything about it because we have no reason to. This reason is very well seen when temperatures jump.

It’s not even a problem to go to the gym. The first two or three times, while still cool. You will then find every possible excuse to skip the appointment. This is also okay, but then you have to come to terms with the fact that you won’t have the body you expect.

In today’s world, we all sit. We sit at home in front of the television, we sit at work, or at college, or in a cafe/restaurant. We look to rest and sit as much as possible, and that will drive us to ruin. You will lose your fitness and the little will you had. The man was not created to sit. The man was created to run, jump, hunt, fight. The man was, ultimately, created to live. To love and have motivation. For the sake of losing motivation, don’t forget everything you’ve achieved so far.

Below you will read a few useful tips on the topic of motivation when going to the gym. Stay tuned and get into the routine!

How to motivate yourself to go to the gym? 

  1. Training clothes

Maybe you just bought new pants or a training shirt the other day. Why let it stand in your closet, unused? Put on a new outfit and win a gym!

  1. Make a gym company

If you are bored of training on your own, call your gym buddies. Sometimes only society will persuade us to do something we can’t. And if you have arranged with 5 friends for training, you will be sorry to cancel to the friend.

  1. Make a plan

Instead of going to the gym unplanned, make a plan. Choose one planner and plan 1 month in advance. You can arrange a trip to the gym via the Smoothbook platform too, in just a few clicks.

  1. Visualize success

The advice above this says “Make a plan”. In the same planner, enter the goal after the first month. Is that -1kg? Or maybe a better-looking tummy? Write down your goals, visualize them and start conquering!

  1. Talk to your coach

The trainers are there to answer all your questions, to help you perform the exercises, but are also there for your motivation. The coach will be the first one to know how to overcome a lack of motivation. Also, when your trainer puts together an exercise plan for you and tells you how many pounds you could lose, it all looks achievable. Through the Smoothbook platform, you can arrange an appointment at the gym of your choice,  and with a trainer of your choice.

  1. Give yourself time to recover

Lack of motivation is often present because we are tired and because we are in pain. Rather take care of the pain and recover.

two gym buddies exercising

How to get into the routine and how to maintain it? 

  1. Length of training

Once upon a time you probably had a routine of going to the gym. Ask yourself how long have you been in one workout? The vast majority will respond in over an hour. And what happened then? Suddenly you no longer had time because you had other responsibilities. So set a real training time this time, and don’t force yourself to stay longer than that.

  1. Mindset

Many people eat properly and exercise enough, but sometimes even that is not enough for a good result. It is very important that you are organized in your head. Develop relaxation techniques that suit you. Eg. one of the better relaxation techniques is the breathing technique.

  1. Honesty

Imagine the following situation. You did a really good workout and you got hungry. Precisely because you had a great workout, you decide to eat pizza. With that kind of thinking, you just wasted 1 hour on training. Remember, respect yourself and be honest with yourself. Sometimes the truth hurts, but it needs to be done for the reward you want to have.

  1. Simplicity

Be simple and grateful. Don’t burden yourself and compare yourself to others. Get up positive in the morning and you will easily solve the problems set before you.

Maintaining motivation is often a demanding job. Habits are a miracle thing, but not every habit is necessarily useful. Try to motivate yourself with each new day. With such motivation, you develop a new habit – to be happy and in a good mood. And in good shape!

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