Comfortable outfits for Yoga

July 5, 2021

By now, we all know what a yoga session looks like. Your clothes should be light and elastic as you are going to be doing a lot of stretching from all kinds of different angles. They also need to be made from breathable materials so you don’t get hot and sweaty mid-session. 

How to choose yoga clothing

In order to get the most out of the experience, you will need clothes to match it. As yoga involves stretching, bending, lunging and twisting, you will need clothes that will be able to withstand all of this. That means you’ll need flexible attire made out of at least 15% spandex. There are a lot of different yoga variations and in some, you sweat more, while in the other ones you sweat less. But you will sweat however you put it. That’s why your clothes need to have good breathability. That will keep you comfy and cool throughout the whole exercise. Lastly, what needs to be taken into account is comfort itself. Just imagine doing yoga, or any physical activity for that matter, in uncomfortable clothes. As you start your session, you don’t want to feel the need to itch and scratch constantly, so comfy clothes are a must.

comfortable yoga clothes

Yoga tops

As yoga is a specific type of activity with a lot of twisting and bending, you should get a top that fits your physique. If the top is loose, it might fall over your head if you are bending towards the floor. It might also move up and down your sleeve and get all tangled up from all the different poses. The good thing about this is, there are a ton of different styles and choices to pick from. T-Shirts, crop tops, tank tops, all come in every color imaginable so you can nitpick to the smallest of details if you want to! Of course, if it is not comfy and the material is not breathable, try avoiding those clothes.

Yoga pants

Yoga pants, or leggings, whatever you want to call them, exist in many shapes and sizes. All of them have to be elastic, but the length of the leggings can vary, depending on which you prefer. Of course, as with every other clothing item connected to yoga, pants have to meet certain standards and criteria. If they hold in sweat, if they are not durable, don’t twist along your body, if they start itching or scratching, it might be time to invest in new leggings. If you’re concerned about the coverage while bending, there are high-waisted pants that completely remove that problem. You can even get yoga pants with pockets, which can be really useful if you need to have something by your side. 

Yoga shorts

Yoga shorts are also a great choice, especially if you don’t really like leggings. There, of course, are a lot of options to choose from. Some have built-in liners for that extra comfort during the session. Then, there are longer shorts that extend to the knees, meaning you get more coverage when you twist and bend upside down. Avoid tight, non-flexible pants as you’ll spend your session not being able to do most of the exercises you need. Also, the material has to be moisture-wicking, otherwise, they could cause problems. 

Sport bras

A sports bra is an absolute necessity. The type of bra varies depending on what kind of intensity will you be doing. The higher the intensity, the higher the support needs to be. The great thing about sports bras is that you can wear them by yourself. You don’t need an extra t-shirt or a crop top with sports bras. 

Yoga socks

The last thing you need in yoga is a slippery surface. The exercises don’t make sense and have no effect if you’re constantly slipping all over the place. Now bear in mind, if you have a great mat, you can practice barefoot, which a lot of people do. But if the surface is even a tiny bit slippery, get socks with plastic treads underneath them. That will keep you from slipping.

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