Best Yoga Poses for Morning Energy

March 22, 2021

Everyone has their morning rituals. We don’t all love the morning, of course, but he who loves knows how magical mornings can be. We wake up, the rays of the sun penetrating through the windows, and with a slight smile, we rise to our feet. The first ritual is to go to the toilet, or make coffee. Someone will drink coffee on the terrace or balcony and someone will get it off their feet because they are in a hurry to work. People are different, everyone has their own habits that make them energetic, that move them and give them meaning. It is often said that humans are slaves to habit, which is true, so why not then choose for ourselves the slave of which habit we want to be?

Also, one of the bigger habits in the morning is exercising of some kind. Morning exercise routines proved to be the healthiest. The reason for this is that we burn fat and calories more easily in the morning, and the other is definitely where we get energy.

There is no perfect recipe for an energetic morning, but we can at least show you which are the best yoga poses for morning energy.

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Sun Salutation Yoga pose

Sun salutation or Surya Namaskar (Surya – a symbol of health and prosperity) is a yoga pose in yoga that is definitely the most famous. Anyone who practices yoga knows what Sun Salutation is. It consists of 12 exercises that are done one after the other and they are connected. It is performed for better flexibility of the body and spine and for relaxation of joints and muscles. It is believed that the one performing Sun Salutation pays homage to the sun.

This yoga pose is done at dawn, so when the sun rises, your face must be facing the sun. As already mentioned, Sun Salutation has 12 positions that are conducted one after the other. Common to all poses is to start from a standing position, move to a bend, and to the position of “dog down”. Then you descend to the floor in the “cobra” asana and back, to a standing position. He moves with his left foot, then repeats with his right foot. When you’re done, you’ve done one cycle of sun salutations. When you complete the first cycle, the second begins, making the completion a perfect cycle.

Chair Pose Yoga pose

This pose can be quite challenging for beginners. If you are a beginner, it would be best to use a wall as support when performing. Some of the positive consequences of performing this yoga pose are stronger hips, spine, and chest muscles. Also, performing a Chair Pose will strengthen your back, torso, and legs. You need to prepare for this yoga pose, and you can do it with a light warm-up.

Place a rug under your feet. Stand up straight and extend your arms forward, palms facing down. The arms must be straight and you must not bend your elbows. Gently push the pelvis outward and bend the knees. Make it look like you’re sitting in an imaginary chair. Imagine sitting and reading a newspaper, this is how your pose should look like. Keep your hands parallel to the floor. Calm your mind and focus on breathing. Hold the pose for up to one minute and slowly sit in the Sukhasana pose.

Downward Facing Dog Yoga Pose

This yoga pose will often be found in Sun Salutation as well. This pose will stretch your knee and lower leg muscles. In addition to the muscles in your legs, this yoga pose will also build your strength in your shoulders. It is often performed by pregnant women because this yoga pose is one of the most recommended for pregnant women. You will often see this yoga pose in movies, on the internet, in advertising, etc.

Although you don’t need a description of this pose, still read it to make sure you perform it properly. If you are a beginner, you can seek help from an experienced yoga coach, and book an appointment in a few clicks.

In this position, you will have your head down and the goal is to touch the floor with your head. Keep your body weight on your palms and warm. Keep your arms outstretched forward, shoulder-width apart, feet apart, legs straight, and hips raised.

It is possible to enter this yoga pose from several other poses.

Low Lunge Yoga Pose

This yoga pose, among others, will help you feel energized in the morning! This pose will improve the flexibility of your spine, will strengthen the muscles of your legs, knees, ankles, and arms. In addition, it increases the mobility of the hips, improves digestion and circulation, helps with anxiety … This pose is really generous.

From the starting position (standing position with legs folded), spread your legs with the inhale. Keep the distance from one foot to the other about half a meter to a meter. Spread your arms sideways and raise them to shoulder height. Point your right foot forward and place your left at a 90-degree angle. Do not bend your knees, but stretch your torso muscles. Try to catch your big toe, and if you can’t, try touching your lower leg.

Breathe during this yoga pose, become aware of all the triangles you are doing in your body. Try to be as calm as possible in this position and think about balance.

Enjoy your beautiful yoga morning! 

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