Smoothbook is partnered with Stripe

Seamless payment integration with Stripe

Smoothbook has partnered with Stripe meaning that you can connect your Smoothbook account to your Stripe account with just a few clicks – all payments made to you through Smoothbook go directly to your Stripe account (and from there directly to your bank account).

Comprehensive customer, payment and membership management using Smoothbook and Stripe

Stripe is not just a payment gateway: Stripe offers a comprehensive interface for managing and reporting on your customers, payments and subscriptions / memberships. As an example Stripe can send reminder / follow up emails if a subscription payment fails, as well as providing a link to your customers to pay their outstanding invoices directly through Stripe (automatically updating your customer’s status in Smoothbook).

Smoothbook and Stripe: SCA and GDPR compliant

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulations will be rolled out across Europe in 2020. This means that many banks will require two factor authentication (2fa) before a payment is allowed – payments will be declined if this process is not completed.

Smoothbook and Stripe offer seamless SCA support meaning you don’t need to do anything: SCA is managed easily and painlessly behind the scenes.

Use Stripe partners for easy invoicing, reporting and Customer Relationship Management

Stripe partners with companies involved in all aspects of business process – from invoicing to reporting and analytics – meaning easy integration for your Stripe account with other useful services such as accounting and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) providers.