Intelligent design, extremely flexible and easy to use

Smoothbook is an online appointment booking system that has been designed to work for numerous different types of business: whether you’re offering a yoga class, a one on one consultancy or you’d like to take bookings for a conference room.

There are numerous features to the system which you can customise as you need but the system has been designed to be usable out of the box. Most of our users are up and running with their own appointments calendar within five minutes of registering. Answer a few simple questions, put a button on your website and that’s it – you’re ready to take appointments online.

Convenient for your customers, convenient for you

Our experience is that customers love online booking and so do our users. Your customers – and particularly return customers – can see exactly when you’re available and book at whatever time of the day or night they please. And for you, as a business owner or manager: instead of answering numerous phone calls about your availability, your customers simply book themselves freeing up time for you to run your business.

Accept online payments

You can prevent false bookings and even receive payment in full for your service by requesting that customers make a payment via paypal before their booking is accepted. All you need is a Paypal account. Paypal is by far the world’s most used internet payment gateway and many of your customers will already have accounts. If they don’t, they can easily pay by credit or debit card.


Improved customer relations and business intelligence

All of the information in your account is exportable to print, XML and CSV meaning you can easily analyse and use this information with Microsoft Excel, Salesforce and other reporting or CRM software.

Maximise your advertising budget

You can easily set up Smoothbook to work with your Google (or other) analytics service to know exactly where your customers came from and whether or not they booked your service. This is extremely useful if you’re spending money on internet advertising (e.g. Google Adwords). Test your campaigns, tweak your adwords and know exactly where your money is best spent.

Social media integration

  • Integrated social media promotion for your company – customers can ‘like’ your facebook or homepage as well post to twitter and their wall that they have booked with your company.
  • One click login for your returning customers

Social Media (mainly Facebook and Twitter) is all the rage at the moment and for good reason: think of the power of your customers telling their friends about your service every time they book (and their friends telling their friends, etc.). Best of all, this power is free!

It is well known that few things will put people off booking online than having to fill out long forms. With Smoothbook your customers have the option of signing up using their facebook account. Returning customers (logged into Facebook) will have their full details filled out automatically as soon as they arrive on the page. What could be more convenient than that? And, what could make them more likely to sign up with and return to your company in the future?

Intuitive design, easy to use

  • No lengthy signup / registration with lots of forms. We need your name and your email to get you going –  that’s it!
  • Extremely easy to use bookings management interface – move bookings with one click, etc.
  • Get going within minutes with system default settings
  • Use the setup wizard for step by step setup instructions.
  • Many features and personalisation options – set only the ones that you need.
  • Intelligent design deduces many of your settings

Smoothbook has been designed from the outset to get you up and running as fast and as quickly as possible. There are a large number of options and features for you to personalise your customers’ experience exactly. But you can be up and running within minutes using the default settings and the setup wizard to get you started.

What does ‘Intelligent design’ even mean?!

We wanted to take the work out of setting up the application and make it as easy as possible to get going and to use. So whilst there are numerous options and customisation settings, almost all have default settings which you can change as you need. The ‘intelligent’ side of things is that the system will deduce other settings from the ones that you make: for instance if you have no time slots scheduled on a given day then we can deduce that your organisation is closed on that day. If your time slot is two hours and you schedule an 8 hour shift then there’s no need to specify that the day has four time-slots – the system knows that.

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